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  • Acne extraction

  • The easy and fast solution to blackheads is here.

Acne extraction

The easy and fast solution to blackheads is here.

A greener solution to Glowing up

The Hi Glowy skinđź‘‹ - Face cleanser is a green solution to a cleaner and glowing face. It removes the need for adhesive disposable face cleaners or harmful irritant soaps, making for a cleaner environment and healthier happier skin.

It is an easy solution to those stubborn blackheads you can do at home without squeezing, pulling and irritating your beautiful skin.

It sucks the blackheads, dirt, grease and dead skin off your face with ease in minutes. Leaving  a cleaner glowier you.

What people have had to say about it

I've always been looking for something like this to finally like,  fully clean my face and its just so easy it only takes a couple minutes I really love it.


I just wish I had found this sooner I would've saved so much time and energy


It has cleaned my face in places I couldn't clean as deep before it's amazing!


I have tried everything for my stubborn blackheads and I'm just shocked at how good it works


I was skeptical at first but it's honestly the only thing I use to clean my pores now and its just so easy


Love it!


I  feel cleaner and feel like I have more of a glow


I used to have to have a huge facial routine but this is so simple and fast all I need is this now